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Regal Remote App
Streamline and nurture your customer relationships with our cutting-edge software empowering you to efficiently oversee and excel in your business connections.

Contact Management System (CRM)
Unlock the power of personalized customer interactions with our Contact Management System (CRM). Seamlessly organize, track, and nurture your leads and clients, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. Elevate your customer relationship management to new heights, driving satisfaction and loyalty.



Automated Calendar Management
Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with our Automated Calendar Management. Effortlessly coordinate appointments, meetings, and deadlines, maximizing your productivity and minimizing double bookings. Stay on top of your schedule with ease, freeing up valuable time to focus on what matters most.

Automated Appointment Setter
Never miss a meeting again with our Automated Appointment Setter. Streamline the booking process for both you and your clients, eliminating the back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Provide a seamless experience that showcases your professionalism and commitment to efficiency.

Custom Web Domain
Lead the online realm with your own custom company domain. Making yours a more legitimate business when clients access “”

Custom Email Service
Establish a professional image with our custom company email service, projecting your brand's identity and ensuring every communication leaves a lasting impact.

Custom Phone Service
Strengthen your business presence with a dedicated company phone system, granting your clients and agents direct access to the assistance they need, promptly and professionally

Local Phone Number
Make a local impact with a dedicated Local Phone Number. Instantly establish credibility and trust with your audience by offering a familiar, regional contact option. Enhance accessibility and convenience for your clients, ensuring they can reach you easily and reliably.

Recorded Phone Calls
Preserve the essence of critical interactions with our recorded phone calls, capturing essential details to maintain a high standard of service for your valued clients.

Automated Text Services
Stay connected on-the-go with our Automated Text Services. Engage your audience with timely and targeted SMS notifications, reminders, and promotions. Deliver a personalized touch that resonates with your customers, driving engagement and fostering loyalty.

Automated Chat Bot
Elevate your customer support experience with our Automated Chat Bot. Provide instant assistance and answers to common queries round-the-clock, enhancing satisfaction and reducing response times. Empower your business to deliver proactive support that impresses your audience and builds trust.

AI Assistants
Supercharge your productivity with our AI Assistants. Delegate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows with intelligent automation, freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives. Harness the power of AI to optimize your operations and stay ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Social Media Planner Software
Maximize your social media presence with our Social Media Planner Software. Plan, schedule, and analyze your posts across multiple platforms from a single, intuitive dashboard. Drive engagement, expand your reach, and build brand awareness with strategic and consistent content delivery.

Secure Payment Module/Portal

Safeguard your transactions and protect sensitive data with our Secure Payment Module/Portal. Rest easy knowing that every payment processed is encrypted and secured to the highest industry standards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your customers' financial information.

These features are designed to enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. With our comprehensive suite of tools and services, you'll be equipped to conquer the challenges of modern business and achieve your goals with confidence.

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